Sunday, July 23, 2017

Two Worlds Collide

Brother Lund, Elder Lund, and the Stevensons
We went to Elder Lund's (he was Hunter's trainer) homecoming talk this morning and it was great. It only took about a half hour to drive from our house to his ward building in Camarillo. We got there a few minutes early and had a little time to chat with the family before Sacrament Meeting. Elder Lund gave a good message in his talk about the Atonement of Christ and finished it up with his testimony in Haitian Creole. We had a little more time to chat after the meeting and it was fun to talk to him and get a few stories. It sounds like they got along really well with each other. From what we could tell of his personality, it seems they were a good match. His family was all very nice as well and his dad is in this picture too. 

-Mom and Dad 

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