Monday, December 4, 2017

Yay for Carl!

Christmas in Florida!
Hey everyone! So this week was a very good week for us. I forgot to bring my planner with me so I'm going off of memory, so here we go!

This week we were pretty busy, which is great. We got lots of referrals from other missionaries and got to teach a few of them. We were able to exceed in pretty much every category compared to last week, and even exceeded a couple of the goals we had set, so that was awesome!

This week we started the #LightTheWorld campaign. It's pretty cool, similar to last year on there's a new scripture and video every day about how to serve others in little ways. Check it out!

The highlight of this week was probably Carl. Can't remember if I mentioned him before, but he was a referral from another set of missionaries. We got to teach him once before, but after that he vanished. This week, we randomly stopped by one night and he was there! He was so happy to see us again. He said he lost contact because he left the house after some problems [...], but he decided to come back. He had even read a little bit from the Book of Mormon and wanted to know more. We read through the introduction with him and then taught him the Plan of Salvation. After that we asked if he would be baptized on the 23rd of this month and he said yes! He even came to church this Sunday and loved it! He said he's been talking to his wife and friends about everything he's learning and is excited to be baptized. He asks thoughtful questions, and takes notes on the reading assignments that we leave him. So elect, he'll be baptized, I just hope I'm here to see it. 

Honestly that's pretty much it, just lots of visiting people this week. It's been nice teaching lessons instead of knocking doors though haha.

Some last items of business though. My next pday will not be until Wednesday because of a special zone conference. And the next 3 weeks after that pday will be on Tuesday because of transfers and Christmas and new years. Oh, speaking of transfers, transfers are soon so please send mail to the mission office instead of my house in case I leave. The address is 7951 SW 6th St Ste 110, Ft Lauderdale FL 33324. Thank you!

I'll leave you with a thought that I love from this last general conference. It's [from] Stephen W. Owen and is called Repentance Is Always Positive. I've taken some editorial liberties to splice parts of it together to make my point:

"When we speak of repentance, we aren’t just talking about self-improvement efforts. True repentance is more than that. True repentance inspires us to make our obedience a commitment—a covenant, beginning with baptism and renewed each week at the Lord’s Supper, the sacrament. The joy of repentance is more than the joy of living a decent life. It’s the joy of forgiveness, of being clean again, and of drawing closer to God. Once you’ve experienced that joy, no lesser substitute will do."

Hope you all have a great week!


Eldè Stevenson