Friday, August 12, 2016

The MTC is Amazing

Official missionary tag. The Haitian Creole reads: The Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
So yeah. I have my journal here with me to try to help me remember everything that happened. Sunday was super great, definitely a rest from all my labors. We had a testimony meeting in our zone during church and everyone gave it in their mission language (we're encouraged to do so). I especially liked the ASL [American Sign Language] testimonies.It was weird how I could feel the spirit with absolutely no clue what they were saying. Elder King and I led a discussion about The Book of Mormon during priesthood meeting, we had some good participation so it went well. We also had a mission conference and we were watching in the overflow and it felt just like general conference. The temple presidency was reorganized so they all spoke to us. Later there was a devotional with Matthew Holland, president of USU [Utah State University] and Elder Holland's son. He spoke about Joseph Smith. I sang in the choir piece afterwards, we sang Praise to the Man, the MoTab [Mormon Tabernacle Choir] version and it was really cool. Mostly guys. Anyways, then we watched The Character of Christ talk by Elder Bednar and it's AMAZING. I wish I could find it outside of the MTC [Missionary Training Center] but they say you can't find this version. Look it up for me, it was a Christmas morning talk at the MTC with Elder Bednar called The Character of Christ.

Missionary Training Center in Provo, UT
Monday morning we did service. Just cleaned around the residence building. Elder Blood left for Fort Lauderdale. We sang God be With You Till We Meet Again in Creole with him and I got a little teary. He was super helpful the first week, we could ask him literally anything. I'll probably see him around. We started exercise on Monday, we went to the gym because Elder King was "just tryna ball". I stayed on the top floor running the track and using the weight machines. That's what I've done every day pretty much and I enjoy it. I like using the elliptical and bike machines. When we got back our water was off, it was all super hot and the drinking water had green stuff in it. They were working on some pipes or something. I went downstairs and got a powerade from the vending machine to drink, but no shower. 

Tuesday was Neil L. Anderson's 65th birthday. Ask how I know that. Because, to quote my journal, "he freakin CAME AND TOLD US." And guess where I was. Sitting with the choir not 50 [feet?] yards away as he spoke. He came for our Tuesday devotional. There was a spirit about him as he spoke, I took lots of notes.One of the main points was "Be clean, Be obedient, Be busy." We sang I Believe in Christ afterwards and it was super spiritual. This sounds weird, but as I sang I didn't have to try so hard to get the harmonies. It felt like someone was singing through me. 

Study Break
The rest of the week was pretty uneventful, just classes and study. We had Chick-Fil-A for dinner one night, that was cool. I didn't know that could happen. The language has been coming pretty well for me so far, and I feel like it's discouraging for some of the others, Elder King maybe especially. He feels like he's falling behind all the Elders with a French background and getting frustrated. Some of the others are maybe feeling the same way. He was also sick yesterday so that didn't help matters any. I pray for him and my other companions every night.

That's pretty much it for this week, I'll start the Q&A now:

Did you know that Elder Duffin is from Aunt Erica's stake?
No I did not and I told him. He said his dad lives in G. P. We were excited, I seriously think we could be brothers in another life.

Can I see emails on day other than P-Day [Preparation Day]?
Yes I can. If I find a few extra minutes I can read emails but I can't respond. I'd actually prefer that you send them throughout the week if you can, that way I don't have to play catch up. I'm a slow reader.

Did you get our cookies?
Yes I did and they were delicious. 

Did you get any mail?
Yes, I got the Dear Elders from Dad, I can also see those in my email. I got a letter from Auntie Lauralee that was super nice and had notes from all the family. Also missionary jokes that I told to my district and we loved them. P.S. send more jokes.

Where are your pictures? 
So the computers are not letting me access the camera or card reader due to a lack of proper permissions it seems like. I hope it's a temporary issue but for the time being I can't get into my card. I'll try to get to it but these computers are heavily tampered with to provide only basic functions. I can get to my portal and language training and that's about it.There's not even a way to search for files, you're supposed to be able to find it on the desktop but it won't show up. When the autoplay box pops up when I first plug it in my access was denied. We're going to try other computers later today because everyone in here has the same problem, hopefully that will solve the problem. [Obviously he got it worked out since they are on here now.]

Haitian Creole Language Book
Are you going to say anything in Creole?
Wi. Mwen renmen tout fanmi mwen, mwen konnen Levanjil a vre. Atrav(e accent grave) Ekspyasyon JeziKri a, nou kapab resevwa padon pou peche nou. Atrav(e accent grave) Levanjil JeziKri a, nou kapab viv av(e accent grave)k fanmi nou pou toutan. Mwen ap w(e accent grave) tout ou pita! Translation via google translate: Yes. I love my family, I know the Gospel is true. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we may receive forgiveness of sins. Through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we can live with that family forever. I'll see you all later!

Has Hannah moved into my room yet? Send pics.


  1. Love the ways that he is feeling and recognizing the Spirit. Praying for Elder Stevenson every day!
    Auntie Erica

    1. Thank you! I'm sure he is feeling those prayers.